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Aki is spoiled rotten and this is the price he has to pay:

Tee hee. He hates being dressed up and garbed but he looked so cute I couldn't resist.

After the huge sack of Christmas presents from grandma and three new types of kitty kibble he got for Christmas, he could hardly complain.

Feb. 2nd, 2010

Last day of orientation yesterday.. so happy I managed to NOT kill anyone, at the very least. Although this little old lady came in for back pain, supportive husband in tow. While I was getting ready to put an EKG on her, hubby starts leaning forward in his chair. And leaning, and leaning, and leaning some more. Before I know it, he has his hands on his knees, and he's in my arms while I'm trying to stop him from keeling over. He was completely pale and sweaty, but his eyes were open, and he kept mumbling he was fine. I yelled for help, and two burly EMTs heaved him into a stretcher, pushed him into a room, stuck an IV into his arm, and hooked him up to the heart monitor. Wife is flipping out in her own bed, and heart rate starts going up while I try to calm her down. Her husband turned out ok, though, turns out he just vagal-ed out. Not bad for my first day, even if I do say so myself.


..hubby "working" from home:

Me: Wow! PS3 must be REALLY hard work! I feel so sorry for you..!
..lucky bastard.. *grumbles*

.. and today's Celtic Cross

I don't like reversed cards. And certainly not Death in any of my spreads.

Married life and such

One of the harder things about being married (and cohabitation in general) is having to constantly look good or at least presentable in the presence of the man whose opinion matters most.

I'm not the most high maintenance girl in the world. I roll out of bed bleary eyed with my hair looking like Simba; I just have to actually wipe the sleep from my eyes and at least use a hairbrush now. I have to brush my teeth as soon as I wake up (which I used to be lazy about) for fear of fumigating The Husband with morning breath. I have to smell nice. I can still loll around in my pajamas all day, but only if he's away at work; and right before he comes home, I take a long hot shower and put on scented lotion.

Strangely enough, I'm the biggest feminist I know, but doing this doesn't seem wrong at all. I only want the best for the man who spoils me rotten, for the man who walks two miles in knee deep snow to buy a shovel so he can dig my car out, for the man who packs my lunch for work, for the man who took a week off from work to take care of me when I had the flu (which ended up in him getting it, too). Everything I do for him seems so small and trivial.

It can get tiring on some days, and The Husband constantly reassures me he doesn't care how I look like, so I just let myself go. But just for that one day. I'm quite enjoying pampering myself and looking good and smelling nice. It's one of the little old-fashioned gifts I can give to the Best Man in the World.

in a nutshell

2009 was a busy year.

I went to Europe and learned French.


..tied the noose knot with The Fiance..

..bought a new home..

..left my godawful job for a better one..

..and went to Disneyworld (yay!)..

'09 was a blast! 



Where we said our vows

The Meadowlark Lakeside Gazebo in Vienna, VA was one of the most enchanting places I've seen. We spent a whole week driving around looking for a great outdoor venue, and when we saw the gazebo, I thought, THIS IS IT.




I had been watching the weather forecast daily 10 days before the wedding date, and 10am on May 17th always alternated between cloudy, fair, dewy, and mild thunderstorms. When I was in Europe a week before the wedding, I threw coins over my shoulder and fervently wished three times on the Trevi fountain: "Please don't let it rain on my wedding day, please don't let it rain on my wedding day, please don't let it rain on my wedding day."


Behind the smile, my stomach was clenched in knots and for most of the trip I was anxious about the weather. Thankfully, the weather wasn't as bad as I thought and the wedding turned out well..

The Wedding

On a cloudy morning on May 17, 2009..

exchanging rings and vows..

with my family, Karl sticks out like a sore thumb..

with his family, of course I barely reach their shoulders (even though underneath the dress, I had platform 5-inch heels on)..

happily ever after..

The Proposal

October 27, 2008 approximately 0800pm

     I was sitting on the couch with my hair sticking out, my feet tucked under me, generally looking like a train wreck and feeling like crap after plodding through the evil night shift the previous day that will take a week to recover. A screwed up body clock plus PMS equals a very cranky girl.

     I was watching a rerun (was it Seinfeld? I dunno. I hate Seinfeld. Especially that Elaine woman, she’s sad and pathetic and somebody should just put her out of her misery. But I digress. Where was I..)

     From out of the corner of my eye, I saw Karl approaching. When he reached me, he took the remote from my hand and hit Mute.

     “Hey! What the f..?!” I stuttered to a stop as he got down on one knee, and took my left hand in his. He was wearing a big, goofy grin.

     “Oh, shit,” I blurted out, then fought the instinct to slap myself. Did I really say that out loud? In the back of my mind, I knew what was coming but I refused to believe it.

     “What’s wrong?” I asked in a small voice. “Did I do something? Are you leaving me? ARE YOU KICKING ME OUT?!” I was on the verge of hysteria and my heart was pounding in my chest. My hands suddenly felt very cold and I was nauseous. I could hardly breath. All the while I was thinking, Waitaminit he can’t kick me out, there’s no way he can afford the rent.

   “Tatum,” he begins, looking deep into my eyes. “The past year has been the best year of my life. Ever since I met you..” he went on and on and my vision started getting blurry. Everything looked veiled and this felt vaguely surreal. Was this what an out-of-body experience was like? From the knot twisting in my stomach, I doubt it. I hope it’s not indigestion, I worried. I was snapped back into reality when he clumsily reached into his pocket, pulled out a small cushiony jewelry box, and whipped it open.

     Inside was a ring with three brilliant diamonds. “..so will you marry me?” he finally said.

     I forced myself to exhale, not realizing I was holding my breath the whole time. ARE YOU CRAZY? It’s about time! my head screamed. “Yes! Of course I will,” I said, laughing and crying at the same time. I hugged him happily, tears streaming down my face. My vision cleared, and it dawned on me that my eyes must’ve been welling up with tears earlier. Judging from the happy smile on Karl’s face and the almost smug lookhe gave me, he knew there was no way I was gonna refuse.

     “Now you’ve made me cry!” I laughed, wiping my tears away. I smacked him playfully on the arm. He slipped the ring on my finger, and I noticed more diamonds dotting the band on either side. It was beautiful and I couldn’t stop looking at it for most of the night. The first person I told was my dad (who, disappointingly enough, yawned at the news. I guess the rest of my family wasn’t too surprised either). Then I phoned Mateo and Marie.

     And so began the happiest day of my life..

HYpocrisy rears its ugly head

My sis is currently in a crisis involving her new bf, his ex, his ex's friends, and their mutual "friends". I understand the concept of family (specifically cousins), friendship and all that jazz, but what I don't understand is how people have problems minding their own business.

And there comes a time in everyone's life where a situation will test your mettle and you will see who your true friends are. I know, I've been there. I'm used to people smiling at me and stab me in the back the moment I turn around, at people giving me icy stares because they don't have the balls to confront me face to face, of people sending me anonymous hate text messages (only to find out later that the sender was sitting right in front of me). She's not. I can only sit and listen with frustration as she confesses to me the betrayal and the hurt she feels when her "friends" refuse to listen to her. How they subtly drop insults. How they suddenly act cold and distant. How, in the name of family, one of the people she considered her friends, sends hurtful and hateful messages dripping with spite and contempt, calling her a bitch. What I would've said to this person (whom my family knows well, since she and my sis go way back in high school) was: How dare you. After the countless times my sis dragged your drunk ass out of trouble to keep you from hurting yourself. After my sis kept mum about one of your deep, dark secrets to keep you from getting kicked out of school. After she defended you in front of me and my mom when we told her to stop hanging out with you because you were a loudmouthed, attention-seeking nuisance who won't shut up and is most likely a bad influence. And stop acting like you're the cleanest, most virtuous person ever when everybody knows exactly how many guys you've slept with. Oh, wait. Scratch that. Nobody probably knows because we've all lost count.

And to the people who send anonymous hateful Friendster comments and self-righteous text messages: Fuck off. Because if you can only say these things to her while hiding behind the face of anonymity, then you are cowards who don't deserve the time of day. If you have something to say (aside from "..you bitch.. God is good.. He sees everything..") then why don't you say it face-to-face? Other than that, you're a complete waste of time. This has nothing to do with you SO BACK THE FUCK OFF. And another thing: why don't you find something better to do other than meddle in other people's affairs? This ain't your fight. Go home, sit down, shut up, and mind your own business.

The only thing I can probably get away with saying to The Sister is:

1. He better be worth it.

2. Keep your chin up, look them in the eye, and NEVER give them the satisfaction of seeing you affected.

3. Keep your true friends. You know who they are. Everybody else could piss off.

4. Do not lose your focus on the Boards.

5. Above all else, this, too, shall pass.

Sadly, this is one of the moments where I can't step in and interfere. This is HER fight, and I have to let her go through it, no matter how ugly it gets. The other sad thing is I've known most of her "friends" for half their lives since they go way back, and I can only hope they know what they're doing, form their own opinions, and make the right decisions. As for everything else, whatever doesn't kill you only makes you stronger. Life goes on.


Last weekend, in spite of the economy taking a nosedive, The Boyfriend and I drove to Ikea on a quest for a dining room set. Since it's Ikea, the set we found was inexpensive, very basic, sturdy, needed some assembly, and came in a flat box that weighed about 90 lbs. Happy with our purchase, and with a price tag ($130, including 4 chairs) that assuaged my guilt, we (or more accurately, The Boyfriend) hauled our big, flat box through the elevator to the 12th floor and to the end of the hallway to our apartment.

The Boyfriend unceremoniously dumped the box on the floor, panted like a dog with his tongue hanging out for a few minutes, then promptly passed out on the couch. I got to working as soon as the box hit the floor.



Don't you just love instruction manuals and power tools?


The Boyfriend later woke up, felt guilty, and sat down to help.


Even Aki decided to pitch in, in his own little way. He ended up scouring the site for loose bolts and pieces of hardware that he's sneakily carry in his mouth and bat around the carpet with his paw when he thinks no one is looking. It drives The Boyfriend crazy.

The set doesn't look too bad, and I imagine it'll look nicer with bells and whistles like chair cushions and centerpieces and such. WIll post pics again.


I was watching Ferris Bueller's Day Off with The Boyfriend and his shower scene reminded me of the difference between how men and women take a shower...