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February 2nd, 2010

Feb. 2nd, 2010

Last day of orientation yesterday.. so happy I managed to NOT kill anyone, at the very least. Although this little old lady came in for back pain, supportive husband in tow. While I was getting ready to put an EKG on her, hubby starts leaning forward in his chair. And leaning, and leaning, and leaning some more. Before I know it, he has his hands on his knees, and he's in my arms while I'm trying to stop him from keeling over. He was completely pale and sweaty, but his eyes were open, and he kept mumbling he was fine. I yelled for help, and two burly EMTs heaved him into a stretcher, pushed him into a room, stuck an IV into his arm, and hooked him up to the heart monitor. Wife is flipping out in her own bed, and heart rate starts going up while I try to calm her down. Her husband turned out ok, though, turns out he just vagal-ed out. Not bad for my first day, even if I do say so myself.


..hubby "working" from home:

Me: Wow! PS3 must be REALLY hard work! I feel so sorry for you..!
..lucky bastard.. *grumbles*

.. and today's Celtic Cross

I don't like reversed cards. And certainly not Death in any of my spreads.