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Married life and such

One of the harder things about being married (and cohabitation in general) is having to constantly look good or at least presentable in the presence of the man whose opinion matters most.

I'm not the most high maintenance girl in the world. I roll out of bed bleary eyed with my hair looking like Simba; I just have to actually wipe the sleep from my eyes and at least use a hairbrush now. I have to brush my teeth as soon as I wake up (which I used to be lazy about) for fear of fumigating The Husband with morning breath. I have to smell nice. I can still loll around in my pajamas all day, but only if he's away at work; and right before he comes home, I take a long hot shower and put on scented lotion.

Strangely enough, I'm the biggest feminist I know, but doing this doesn't seem wrong at all. I only want the best for the man who spoils me rotten, for the man who walks two miles in knee deep snow to buy a shovel so he can dig my car out, for the man who packs my lunch for work, for the man who took a week off from work to take care of me when I had the flu (which ended up in him getting it, too). Everything I do for him seems so small and trivial.

It can get tiring on some days, and The Husband constantly reassures me he doesn't care how I look like, so I just let myself go. But just for that one day. I'm quite enjoying pampering myself and looking good and smelling nice. It's one of the little old-fashioned gifts I can give to the Best Man in the World.


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Jan. 31st, 2010 07:40 am (UTC)
Such cute pictures!! Glad to see you're still alive. ;)
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